About Me

My Journey of being Mom to an Entrepreneur


From being a sit-at-home-mom to lifestylist, from being an introvert and reserved professional to a Beauty and Wellth coach, my Oriflame journey has been very rich, exciting, challenging, motivating, energetic, and above all very inspiring.

Though initially, I had some reservations, it was my husband who insisted that I join Oriflame. He could probably see it as an opportunity for me to make good earnings & also enhance my personality and professional development. He also had faith that being a European Company, Oriflame products would be of highest standards.

Being a mom of two lively and intelligent boys, I was always on my toes. My exposure to the world of Oriflame gave me insight into latest trends and opportunities available internationally. When my elder one got admission in Bangalore and the other one in the US, I could utilise the flexibility of Oriflame business and kept travelling with them and still devote time to grow my network. I acquired skills to manage my business long distance and also spent time with both my sons.

The association with Oriflame gave me an immense opportunity to meet & closely interact with persons from diverse cultures. This brought out the leader in me and made me unstoppable.

By now, my children had gone to college, and the thought of going back to my earlier profession of Company Secretary did occur. However, Oriflame association had soon become so lucrative that it not only made me financially independent but also helped me to create a perfect home-work balance. It also helped me in supplementing my husband’s income and we could provide the best education for my children in Top colleges in India & Abroad. They are now both well settled in India & USA…thanks indeed to Oriflame. I am highly thrilled that I made the choice of the second innings at Oriflame as my full-time profession.

I had not dreamt that this second inning, through a wonderful association with Oriflame, would bring me so much of happiness and lovely insights into a whole new world of beauty & health. Oriflame is very close to my heart like a family member.

I have been able to develop my inherent capability of positive attitude, contribution to society with ethical ways of doing business & creating wealth. I strongly believe that with togetherness, passion & commitment, any dream can be made a reality.Oriflame has been full of fun, challenges and rewards. I can today proudly say that my Oriflame family extends to all parts of India.

Home To ROME

The most beautiful and exciting moment of my Oriflame journey was when I qualified for my FIRST Foreign trip. An all expense paid free trip to the scintillating city of Rome.

My joy was limitless, as I gave a SPECIAL MARRIAGE SILVER JUBILEE GIFT to my husband, who accompanied me for this memorable trip.

Special events, thrilling musical concerts & to top it all the GALA DINNER….it was like a dream come true. The walk on the ramp during the GOLD DIRECTOR COMMEMORATION amidst cheers & clapping was very inspirational.

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