The aim of our club is to leverage the collective wisdom of the group so that your learning experience expands beyond your individual accomplishments. Its aim is to weave together the growing knowledge and give thrust to growth and stability of each independent consultant.


“A mother of two and coming from a conservative environment, I had no idea that I could fulfill the dreams which I saw since childhood. My uplineNeelu ignited my passion by offering Oriflame opportunity.”Anitaji transformed me by her inspiration and trainings for which she travelled all the way to Hyderabad. She brings out the best in me and what I admire about her is that she is far ahead of our time and her vision conceptualises what we are unable to visualise. I am blessed to have her as my mentor.”


“Oriflame is a wonderful, life changing opportunity. It has fulfilled my dreams and from a simple house wife, it has made me a complete business woman.”Thanks to Anitaji who has supported me in so many ways to create a strong foundation for my business empire. My dream is to grow with togetherness, leadership development and support my team to fulfil their dreams .”


“I met Anita by a chance and when she told me about Oriflame business opportunity,I found it very interesting avenue as by doing smart work, I could supplement my financial needs. Oriflame is a unique combination of earning money, travel and fun. It has not only changed my life for better but I also many women to become financially independent.”Anita is my mentor, my Guru, my motivator and together we are a wonderful team. She is live wire and hard task master. She is true perfectionist and will never rest until she achieves her goals. She believes in accepting challenges. I wish she continues to guide me and stand by me always.”


“I always wanted to be successful and independent in all spheres of life.I believe that great work cannot be done just by strength but by perseverance.

“Oriflame is a road for courageous people, looking for happiness and success. My team Ojasvi and Anitaji have been pillars of strength in my beautiful career of Oriflame.”


“I joined Oriflame because I liked the products but at that time I was unaware of the fact that I would become a successful business woman.”My Upline Director Anita Budhraja has inspired me a lot. Today I have money fame and my own identity.”


“My journey with Oriflame has added spice to my monotonous job of teacher. Inspite of being able to give very little time because of my job, I have fulfilled my dream to Look great, Make money and have fun. I have been able to support thousands of other ladies in achieving their goal.

“With the motivation of my upline leader Anita, I became a Director. The most exciting moment in my Oriflame journey is when I won an iPhone 4S.”

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